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Drug data is connected through domestic
and foreign authoritative data and integrated with
reliable resources.

Up To Date

The company's strategic decisions, the
professional team to update the data, in order to
ensure you get the latest resources.


one-stop search function, to a comp-
rehensive, fast and easy access to domestic and
foreign pharmaceutical information

Use area

Yaozh Data for the domestic top medicine database

  • Market
  • Sales of Biological Products
  • Screening System for Marketed Drugs
  • Information of Drug Winning Bid
  • R&D
  • Clinical Trial Registry
  • Global Drug R&D Database
  • Drug Registration and Acceptance
  • Production
  • Dissolution Methods
  • Global Pharmacopoeias
  • Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Use
  • Clinical Guidelines
  • Clinical Rational Administration
  • Label Information of FDA

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