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Name Acetonylacetone
synonym 2,5-hexanedione
Chinese Name 丙酮基丙酮
Type 脂肪族化合物
CAS No 110-13-4
Physical Properties M 114.2, m -9℃, b 76-78℃/13mm, 8 8℃/25mm, 137℃/150mm, 188℃/atm, d420 0.9440, nD25 1.423, pK25 18.7.
Method for Purification Purify it by dissolving in Et2O, stiring with K2CO3 (a quarter of the weight of dione), filtering, drying over anhydrous Na2SO4 (not CaCl2 ), filtering again, evaporating the filtrate and distilling it in a vacuum. It is then redistilled through a 30 cm Vigreux column (p 11, oil bath temperature 150℃). It is miscible with H2O and EtOH. The dioxime has m 137℃ (plates from *C6H6 ), the mono-oxime has b 130℃/11mm, and the 2,4 dinitrophenylhydrazone has m 210-212℃ (red needles from EtOH). It forms complexes with many metals. [Werner et al. Chem Ber 22 2100 1989, for enol content see Gero J Org Chem 19 1960 1954, Beilstein 1 IV 3688.]
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