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Name Acetic anhydride
Chinese Name 醋酐
Type 脂肪族化合物
CAS No 108-24-7
Physical Properties M 102.1, b 138℃, d420 1.082, nD25 1.3904.
Method for Purification Adequate purification can usually be achieved by fractional distillation through an efficient column. Acetic acid can be removed by prior refluxing with CaC2 or with coarse Mg filings at 80-90℃ for 5 days, or by distillation from a large excess of quinoline (1% AcOH in quinoline) at 75 mm pressure. Acetic anhydride can also be dried by standing with Na wire for up to a week, removing the Na and distilling it under vacuum. (Na reacts vigorously with acetic anhydride at 65-70℃). Dippy & Evans [J Org Chem 15 451 1950] let the anhydride (500g) stand over P2O5(50g) for 3 hours, then decanted it and stood it with ignited K2CO3 for a further 3 hours. The supernatant liquid was distilled and the fraction b 136-138℃ was further dried with P2O5 for 12 hours, followed by shaking with ignited K2CO3, before two further distillations through a five-section Young and Thomas fractionating column.
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